オフィシャル先行… 4/20 12:00 - 5/18 23:59 ぴあプレミアム会員限定先着先行… 5/19 20:00 - 5/26 23:59 セブンーイレブン先行… 5/21 20:00 - 6/5 23:59 一般販売… 6/8 12:00 -
Ticket purchase notice here

※Preschool children under elementary school age can watch the game for free on the lap of one guardian (one child per guardian). A paid ticket is required if a seat is needed.
※Category 5 Family Set Tickets can be used by one adult and one elementary/middle school child, or one adult and two elementary/middle school children (entry by adults only or children only is not permitted/must enter together).
※Ticket prices include consumption tax.
※Additional ticket fees: "Issuance fee: 110 yen/ticket, System usage fee: 220 yen/ticket, Special sales usage fee: 550 yen/ticket, Payment fee: 220 yen/transaction." For credit card payments, the payment fee is 0 yen.
※Tickets cannot be refunded except in the event of match cancellation.
※Tickets will be invalidated if they are found to be resold or attempted to be resold on auction or internet ticket auction sites for any reason.
※Unauthorized entry or entry with fraudulent tickets will be reported to the police.
※The area behind the goal is free seating; all other seat types are reserved seating.
※Wearing Borussia Dortmund uniforms or goods in Category 5 (home side) is not allowed as it may cause trouble.
※Wearing Cerezo Osaka uniforms or goods in Category 5 (away side) is not allowed as it may cause trouble.
※Please cooperate in filling the seats in the area behind the goal. Also, securing more than one seat per person with luggage, etc., is prohibited. Do not use adhesive items such as tape, including duct tape, to reserve seats.
※When waving or displaying items such as towel scarves, flags, or gate flags, please consider the view and safety of those around you. Additional information regarding permissible locations will be provided separately.

Wheelchair Seating Tickets
  • Each wheelchair seating ticket allows one accompanying person to watch the game for free.
  • To prioritize viewing for those in wheelchairs, accompanying persons may be asked to watch from the back of the wheelchair area.
  • Normal tickets cannot be exchanged for wheelchair seating tickets (including complimentary tickets).
  • If there are more than two accompanying persons, an additional ticket fee will be charged. Please contact
Photography and Video Usage at the Stadium
  • Footage taken in the stadium (including the concourse) for the purpose of match broadcasting, including images of visitors, banners, flags, chants, etc., may be used not only for match broadcasting but also for the following purposes:
    • Use on large video screens and various monitors installed in the stadium.
    • Use on EUROJAPAN CUP and club official media.
    • Use on news programs and related media.
    • Use in video works and various products produced by EUROJAPAN CUP or its designated partners (including partner companies).
Prohibited Actions
  • Smoking and littering outside designated areas.
  • Entering restricted areas, group protests, stopping buses or cars.
  • Distribution of unauthorized posters or flyers, fundraising, signature collection, surveys.
  • Use of confetti, paper tape, smoke devices (e.g., dry ice).
  • Watching the game while standing on seats.
  • Sitting or leaning on fences or railings.
  • Watching the game with an umbrella in rainy weather.
  • Actions that slander, insult, or discriminate against referees, opposing team members, or supporters.
  • Discriminatory or insulting remarks or actions based on race, skin color, gender, language, religion, politics, or origin.
  • Acts of violence.
  • Use of noisemakers after 21:00.
  • Actions that hinder the operation of the match, the safety of players, staff, or spectators.
Prohibited Items
  • Noisemakers other than drums (e.g., trumpets, vuvuzelas, cheer horns, balsahorns).
  • Fireworks, firecrackers, smoke bombs, gas horns, laser beams, etc.
  • Glass bottles, cans (will be transferred to paper cups at the entrance gate; PET bottles and thermoses are allowed). Other prohibited items will be managed in accordance with the "J.League Common Spectator Manners & Rules."

OUTLINE アウトライン

Event Title
EUROJAPAN CUP 2024 ユーロジャパン・カップ 2024
Cerezo Osaka vs Borussia Dortmund
Date and Time
24th July 2024 (Wednesday)
Kick-off: 1915 / Doors Open: 1615 (tbc)
Yanmar Stadium Nagai 1-1 Nagaikoen, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 546-0034, Japan
Japan Professional Football League
Supervised By
Osaka Football Association, Cerezo Osaka Co., Ltd.
Planning & Production
Live Exsam Inc., Muse Group Ltd.,
PIA Corporation, livedoor Co., Ltd.